Continuing Professional Development

National Highway Institute Course on Historic Preservation
The SRI Foundation is co-teaching a new National Highway Institute (NHI) course, entitled “Beyond Compliance: Historic Preservation in Transportation Project Development” (Course Number 142049). This course, developed by SRI Foundation, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc., and the University of Maryland, is designed to help transportation, NEPA, and historic preservation professionals meet the requirements of Section 106 regulations and take advantage of the flexibility and autonomy offered in the regulations. The course focuses on the fundamentals of NEPA, Section 106, and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act, and provides techniques for coordinating transportation planning, project development and compliance with these three laws. The course emphasizes practical approaches for real-world situations and the importance of balancing stewardship and project delivery. Information on this course is available at the NHI site.

Education and Public Outreach

Passport in Time (PIT) is a volunteer program of the USDA Forest Service. PIT volunteers work with professional forest service archaeologists and historians on national forests throughout the country. PIT activities include archaeological excavation and survey, historic structure restoration, and analysis and curation of artifacts.

Useful Links

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Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN)

Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA)

Society for American Archaeology (SAA)

Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA)


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